WE ARE SOLD OUT - buy one off secondary and join the fam <3


Bangsta Bears are a collection of 3,000 Gang Bangin’ Bears on the Blockchain. Enough of the cute animal projects, these bears are about BUSINESS! We did a genesis series called Bangsta OGs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Only 250 of these will ever exist! The other 2,750 are on Solana Blockchain. Join us and be a part of something big.

Benefits of owning a
Bangsta Bear

  • Bangsta Bear holders WILL get direct access to our founder Erk, who will be doing weekly classes (for holders only) on many different topics including: NFTs, Crypto, Stocks and more! Top holders & OGs will be able to book 1 on 1 calls at least once a month.
  • Bangsta Bear holders will be able to reap the benefits from holding onto a bear.The $BANG token will be created and we have BIG plans on how it will be dispersed, but Bangsta Bear holders will hold a majority of the token. Read more on this in our discord under roadmap!
  • Access to members only Stock, Crypto and NFT calls, analysis and daily overview of each market.
  • Access to airdrops and future projects for FREE.
  • Early “whitelist” / presale access for hot new projects.


The Bangsta Bear community is full of great people who are always willing to help others. We want to see everyone succeed in the real world, digital world and of course, the NFT world. Tons of guides from NFTs to Stocks to Crypto and more! You will learn a lot in the discord and that’s a fact jack.


Bangsta Bears minted on April 1st for 0.39 SOL. You do not want to miss out on this next drop. If you do, then you’ll have to tell your kids and grandkids you could have minted a Bangsta Bear for pennies on the dollar and decided not to. It would be a down right shame.

After Mint Roadmap

100+ SOL into community wallet

Giveaway 10 SOL to charity - Voted on by holders

Start a week long giveaway for 10 SOL

Create token and hire tokenomics expert to create whitepaper

Setup Staking

Create a marketplace or a dapp for use of our token

Setup liquity pool

Start building future project, free for holders

what to do with community funds

  • Investing in new features that can bring more value to Bangsta Bear holders.
  • Strategic marketing if it is deemed to boost the value of the BB brand.
  • Stake the rest of the Solana until holders decide on what else they’d like to see the funds go towards.           ———————————————–
  • 20% of the royalties will also be reinvested into the project. Our goal is to organically and slowly build up the value of the BB brand. We have a long term vision, therefore it is okay if the floor dips here and there because in the long term, if you hold and believe in what we’re doing here, you will reap the benefits.
  • We will have a “Roadmap 3.0” within a month or two, once we start executing our previous roadmap.

Our Team