Bangsta Bears are a collection of 5,000 Gang Bangin' Bears on the Blockchain, Enough of the cute animal projects, these bears are about BUSINESS! We are doing an inital offering for our Bangsta OGs on the Ethereum Network. Only 250 of these will ever exist! The other 4,750 will be on Solana, but the OGs are much superior. Be apart of the beginning of something big. OGs SOLD OUT, but you can buy here on Opensea.


Benefits of owning a Bangsta Bear

  • Access to members only Stock, Crypto and NFT calls, analysis and daily overview of each market
  • Access to FREE monthly 1 on 1 calls with our founder Erk
  • Early "whitelist" / presale access for hot new projects
  • Exclusive giveaways
  • Access to airdrops and potential future projects for FREE
  • Metaverse access to our future Sandbox land + a custom 3D version of a Bangsta Bear as thier character.
  • Many more benefits to come once the community votes on what to do with community funds


What we WILL do in the future

After mint we will DOUBLE the community wallet to $150,000 !!! This will be used for marketing and investing in new features that can bring more value to Bangsta Bear holders. Most of the royalties will also be reinvested into the project. Our goal is to organically and slowly build up the value of the BB brand. We have a long term vision, therefore it is okay if the floor dips here and there because in the long term, if you hold and believe in what we're doing here, you will reap the benefits. We will have a "Roadmap 2.0" within a week after mint. This is a community based project, therefore the holders are the ones that will be making the decisions. Once we talk with all the holders on what they would like to see in the future, then we will make the future roadmap / plans!


What we MIGHT do

-We MIGHT start a token & give each Bangsta Bear holder xxx amount daily. Would absolutely love to do this, but it is a “might” because it’s a very complex thing to do. The actual token itself is easy to create and disperse, but it’s the legal side of it that is tricky, as well as creating a long-term value on the economics side of it as well.

What we WON'T do

-Make promises we can't keep. this is another reason why there are many mights. We WANT to do those things, but next week the next big utility ides could come out and BOOM out goes the roadmap. We also want to use the community funds wisely and efficiently. No point in spending $xxx amount of the funds on 3D Meta characters if no one is going to use them. This is me being transparent as possible instead of trying to sell you on a dream. Trust is everything, if you can't trust in the project, the team, the plan, then what's the point in investing in it? The projects that build trust, innovate and create are the ones that will make it in a oversaturated NFT market where many projects end up worthless.


ERK "Founder"

Erk Founder

Emer "Lead Dev"

Emer Lead Dev

"Edrian/Valiant Graphics "Artist"

Ed Artist
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